About K-Play

Playtime. It’s what every child looks forward to.

And it’s the inspiration behind K-Play. As custom playground builders, we help preschools and daycare centers foster a love of play among children of all ages through our creative designs that provide the foundation for learning moments and joyful memories.

Focused on fun and a love of nature
Our focus is fun! From beautifully crafted clubhouses, huts and playscapes to activity tables, balance boards and backyard games, our playground equipment allow young minds to explore, create, and pretend, all while inspiring a love for the outdoors.

Based on imaginative play and skills development
All of our playscapes, accessories and furniture allow you to put learning power in your playground. In any combination, our fixtures create unique environments that encourage physical and challenging play, and help kids develop motor skills, spatial awareness and risk management.

Hand-crafted from natural and durable materials
Pairing modern technology with traditional techniques, we hand craft organic playscapes from sustainably harvested and pressure-treated wood. Durable and climate-proof, it offers a beautiful, cost-effective alternative to standard metal or plastic playground fixtures and can be enhanced with real stone, wood chips, logs, sand, and other natural materials.

Built by pros with safety in mind
Because we know how important safety is for preschools and daycare centers, we build our playground fixtures with safety in mind. Our team of Certified Playground Safety Inspectors designs, builds, installs and double checks each piece to ensure it meets state and CPSI standards.