K-Play provides a 1-year warranty for all our fixtures against workmanship and malfunctions due to normal and intended use of our playground fixtures and equipment.

K-Play builds natural playground equipment with wood and other naturally sourced materials. While our products and fixtures are built to be beautiful, safe, and fun, our fixtures are likely to experience discoloration, splintering, checks, cracking, warping, etc. due to the natural aging process of wood. Because of the nature-made materials used in our fixtures, we cannot warrant imperfections caused by the natural aging process of our wooden fixtures. Additionally, we cannot warrant imperfections caused by improper use or installation of our fixtures, or arising from the installation of our equipment in areas that promote an accelerated aging process.

Due to the natural and un-processed form of our fixtures that use natural logs, we cannot warrant against cracks, chips, warping, etc.

As with any wooden structure, there is a level of maintenance required to keep your equipment looking great and remaining safe for years to come. If splinters arise, 50-80 grit sandpaper can be used (depending on the level of splintering) on the affected surface to smooth the area. Cracks and checks can be filled with wood filler or another epoxy-based wood treatment (we recommend High Performance Natural Wood Filler – By Minwax, or Abatron WoodEpox Wood Repair). Discoloration can be treated at home in the same way we do at our manufacturing facility with a double coat of TWP WS-01 Cedartone Stain.

At K-Play we put customers first and if you do experience any of the above imperfections, please feel free to give us a call and we will gladly speak to you about your fixture.

Email: ken.valickis@kplay.fun
Phone: (959) 202-1726
Monday - Friday (9:00am – 5:00pm EST)